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Wall Art

Jacqueline makes an array of items that are wall hung - picture frames, mirrors, mantelpieces, magnetic holders, clocks and more all to order.  Her waney edged frames , along with other styles have proved extremely popular whether they be for a favourite piece of art or for a mirror.  All sizes and styles can be made, the choice is limitless.

Her Mantelpieces are the perfect finishing touch to any hearth, made from solid green oak (green meaning not seasoned, as it is impossible to dry to the middle of a 4 inch thick piece of wood no matter how long it has been in the barn or kiln!)  They are priced at £1.25 per centimetre making them the cheapest and most practical around as they are wide enough to actually put pictures, candles and a clock on. Jacqueline also makes mantelpiece clocks!

The magnetic holders (as shown below with knives on) have proved to be very popular as key racks too.  They come in many styles and have between 5 and 7 magnets in each - or of course you can have one made for you with your desired amount of magnets.

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