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Off-Cut Range

Maybe not the most becoming name for something so eye-catching, but that is what it is... or more what it started out as.  When machining wood you need to cut it to a specific width and the space next to the table saw became a collection of off cuts before they were destined for the firewood pile.  One day Jacqueline was thinking they could look quite attractive all together.  So, she made them all the same thickness, got the glue and clamps out and the rest is history!

This range has become Jacqueline's 'signature collection'.  She loves how the natural colours and grain in the wood complement each other and it seems she is not alone.  Over the years Jacqueline has made drawers, mirrors, tables, clocks, boxes and even lamps to name a few.  The Off-Cut range of furniture and accessories have proved so popular that she now has to buy full boards dedicated to making it!

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