'Fell' Range

This range has been inspired by the fells of the Lake District.  It was launched in the spring of 2020 when the world was in lock down because of the Coronavirus.  Jacqueline, like many people in the area could see the fells from her home and on local walks with the pups, but couldn't be among them.  The different grains and natural colours of the wood reflect the changing shades of the fells as the sun falls upon them.

Many people visit the Lake District to celebrate a memorable occasion - a wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary, the fell range can be a memento of that special trip and can be personalised with a date, place or name.  Jacqueline can also work to a photograph to copy your favourite fells.

At the moment there is just the one box in the range, but there is a lot more in the planning - drawers, with each drawer being a different fell. Tables, cupboards, headboards, clocks... and anything else you can think of!